Bungalow 424 – A Place That Has It All

A place that has it all. A pet-friendly place, an alfresco seating, a family style dining, a community space and a romantic rooftop dining. Bungalow 424 is all this and more.

A huge-ass space, demarcated into various sections to cater to everyone’s moods and fancies, Bungalow 424 welcomes you with open arms. Vibes so positive, you end up smiling the moment you step onto the property.

The story behind the name too is pretty interesting. While it has nothing to do with any important dates of any of the owner-partners, it quite literally has everything to do with the property itself. 424 is the plot number on which this amazing restaurant has come up – an extremely apt inclusion in the nomenclature.

I recently went there on a date night and we were mighty impressed. Having checked out all floors, we opted for the rooftop seating to kick-start our evening. Soft lighting and a good amount of green cover really sets the mood for a wonderful time, superseded only by their friendly and efficient service.

The Rooftop Ambiance.. Perfect for a date night!


The cocktail menu at Bungalow 424 is extremely interesting and is divided into quirky sections – “Easy / Refreshing” for a mild buzz throughout the night, “Strong / Decadent” to take the edge off of a long day and “Leap of Faith” for the experimental [and potent combinations] concoctions from behind the bar.

Hand-picked from the “Leap of Faith” section, my choice was the Florence Syndrome – a wonderful (and potent) balance of White Wine, Gin, and Campari stirred with orange juice and basil and garnished with a sprig of thyme. A perfect drink to get you buzzing and rejuvenated after a long day. Appreciate the use of steel stirrer and straw to minimize the usage of plastic.

Florence Syndrome [Rs. 325]


The Watermelon Feta Salad had pickled and fresh melon, tossed with feta and lettuce and drizzled with mimosa dressing and chopped walnuts while the Chicken Waldorf Salad had apples, walnuts and celery mixed with chicken and dressed with mayonnaise. The freshness of ingredients was evident in both salads which enhanced the flavors however the watermelon and feta salad looked more appealing.

Watermelon Feta Salad [Rs. 239]
Chicken Waldorf Salad [Rs. 259]


The Laham Bi Hommos had Baharat spiced lamb cooked in butter and served with hummus, citrus onion rings and warm pita. A flawlessly cooked mutton oozing with flavors from the marinade, this was a crackling start to our dining. #DeliciousDelicious

Laham Bi Hommos [Rs. 370]

We had no complaints with the Paneer Sunheri Tikka either. The paneer chunks were generous in size and cooked well and went well with the pickled onions and bell peppers. The Chicken Rasbari with juicy and succulent pieces of chicken was made with the same level of perfection achieved in the marination and flavors.

Paneer Sunheri Tikka [Rs. 279]
Chicken Rasbari [Rs. 333]

The Prawn Gambas were served in a sizzling pan, tossed in garlic-infused olive oil, chilies, capers, tomatoes and white wine vinegar. The de-veining and cook of the prawns was on point.

Prawn Gambas [Rs. 395]

Large Plates

The Grilled Fish was my pick of the mains. Pan grilled fish served on a bed of green pea puree, with creamy mash and charred broccoli florets was a combination that worked very well. The fish was cooked perfectly and I could easily slice through it with a fork with no efforts. And the creamy potato mash complemented the crunch of the charred broccoli florets very well. #YumYum

Grilled Fish [Rs. 399]

Would you like some Dessert

Flavors of India is the best of classic Indian desserts coming together to represent India on a plate. Rabdi, Gulab Jamun, Crisp Betel Leaves and a whole lot of other micro-ingredients got along well with each other on the plate turning it into a smorgasbord of textures and flavors. Easily one of the best fusion desserts I’ve had recently. #YumYum #HighlyRecommended

Flavors of India [Rs. 249]

With the homely feel of a residential property, Bungalow 424 welcomes everyone with open arms – two-legged and four-legged alike.


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