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Started in Dehradun as Guavaz and rapidly expanding across the country; founders Ranjana, Fardeen, Mahima and Anand have incubated their business after a lot of experimenting and research using quality ingredients sourced directly from nature. Launched in Pune recently, their dessert lounge christened Guavaz Crravings, is an all-natural sundae lounge that serves desserts of top-notch quality.

The name has been chosen to pay homage to the delectable fruit which is packed with an abundance of goodness and health. Just like the fruit, which is packed with Vitamin B and C and helps regulate blood sugar and pressure, Guavaz deals only in the freshest ingredients of the highest quality to provide healthy desserts to one and all.

An extremely hygienic outlet, Guavaz Crravings has a relaxed and inviting ambiance with comfortable bar stools across a bar height counter running along one side of the place, with the freezers and kitchen area on the opposite side, where all the magic happens. The outdoor seating has comfortable straight-backed wooden chairs and tables under awnings laden with greenery. Not only is that pleasing to the eyes, it also helps provide the much needed shade from the sweltering sun.

Guavaz Crravings
Guavaz Crravings

All the desserts are made in-house using only natural and fresh ingredients and served in cute little jars and bottles, which you can take back home.

Supreme Flavors [Rs. 220]

The Pistachio Sundae had an abundance of pistachios in and on top of the ice cream. Loved the granular texture of the pistachio slivers mixed in the scoop. This was made using very less sugar, which let the natural flavors of the pistachio be prominent. The Royale Choco Treat was certainly a treat, for the eyes and the taste buds. Absolutely silky and chocolatey, this dark chocolate dessert was as decadent as it can get. #DeliciousDelicious

Guavaz Crravings
Pistachio Sundae
Guavaz Crravings
Royale Choco Treat

Shocked by Currants has the goodness of red and black currants combined together in a delectable base of yogurt and pampered by original vanilla beans from Kerala. Lovely creaminess of the yogurt, balanced by the tartness of the berries. A stunning sundae. #HighlyRecommended

Guavaz Crravings
Shocked by Currants

Bottle Explosions (Smoothies) [Rs. 180]

The Kiwi Pineapple Smoothie was a lovely combination of flavors however the taste of pineapple gets overpowered by the kiwi. This despite the fact that the fruits were blended in an 80:20 ratio. On the positive, I never expected citric flavors like pineapple and kiwi to go so well in a milk-based smoothie.

Guavaz Crravings
Kiwi Pineapple Smoothie

Thandai, by the virtue of its name itself, is an excellent coolant and anti-depressant. The Thandai Smoothie had the typical flavors however the taste of fennel seeds felt a tad overpowering. #DeliciousNoneTheLess

Guavaz Crravings
Thandai Smoothie

Operational from 11 in the AM till 11 in the PM, Guavaz Crravings can cater to your post-lunch “kuch meetha ho jaye” as well as satiate your late night cravings. They also have sugar-free options on the menu which is a boon to diabetics, diet-conscious and generally anyone who wishes to cut down on their sugar intake.

Guavaz Crravings
I scream, You scream, We all scream for ICE CREAM!!

A big shout-out to Diah for inviting and Fardeen, Mahima and Team Guavaz Crravings for hosting us.

Guavaz Crravings is located in Kalyani Nagar.


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