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Velhe Taluka is renowned as an agro tourism place nestled in the Sahyadri Mountain Range. Being known as a historical place, Velhe Taluka is gifted with a wide range of forests and the natural biodiversity. An elegant combination of the different environments of Konkan and Mahabaleshwar has made this place a prime location of choice to visit by the tourists. And with that intention in mind, the Mango Forest Resort has been set-up to offer customers and tourists a true taste of rural agro-tourism in the lap of comfort.

Sometimes, all it takes is getting one with nature to rejuvenate and recharge yourself. Nestled in the lush & awe-inspiring environs, Mango Forest Resort is the perfect answer for your needs – a one-day fun-fueled trip, overnight respite time or that vital conference which needs serene settings.

A gorgeous view of the property

Transportation and connectivity

Located about 40 kms away from Pune, the Mango Forest Resort feels isolated being away from most civilization, with the nearest village being a good 10-15 mins drive away. However the itself is the USP of the place, cocooned off from the rest of the world, you can enjoy in your own private space.

Google Maps location is quite accurate and will help you with navigation.

Address: Proposed MH 65 Highway, Towards Madhe Waterfall, Taluka Velhe, Kolambi, Maharashtra 412212

Maps Link:

The place has no network connectivity in the area, barring one spot behind the kitchen area where an Airtel network extender has been installed for emergency usage. While no network is a wonderful way to digitally detox and bond with your loved ones, it can also pose an inconvenience while navigating the last mile so downloading the maps offline is recommended.

I recently had a wonderful 1N/2D staycation at this beautiful property and I was impressed with all the facilities on offer.


The cottages are painted in bright colors and lends a wonderful vibe to the entire place. Sparsely furnished with only the necessary items – comfortable beds, wardrobe and an attached bathroom – the cottages make you feel one with nature.

Our cottage for the stay – night and day comparison
The entire property is strewn with such colorful cottages
A full-360 deg view of the cottage

Property Amenities

The property offers multiple amenities for everyone – an outdoor pool, open space for a quick cricket match, indoor and outdoor games as well as a deck for viewing the gorgeous sunrises / sunsets and can also be used for yoga and meditation.

The amazing swimming pool amidst greenery
The deck for viewing sunrises/sunsets and for Yoga as well
Time for some indoor games
How about some cricket?

The campfire area is the perfect spot for families and groups to bond and unwind over a crackling fire and lots of games.

The crackling fire
Fun times around the campfire

And the wish pond has a lot of ducks that fill the place with their cuteness and cackle.

I could watch this all day..

Safety and Hygiene Measures

Mango Forest Resort have taken all the necessary precautions like regularly sanitizing the place, staff wearing masks and gloves as well as maintaining social distancing to the extent possible. Sanitizers are placed at all strategic points as well as in all cottages.

In-House Dining

When it comes to food, Mango Forest Resort offers scrumptious, finger-licking delicious food, made on-site by local staff. The late night dinner the day we checked-in, consisted of gavran chicken gravy and paneer gravy while breakfast the next morning was a healthy dose of poha and idli-sambhar with umpteen cups of tea and coffee. Lunch on Day 2 was a grander affair of Aloo-Matar ki subji, dal and Chicken in Tambda Rassa with Shevai Kheer for dessert.

Our dinner
A scrumptious breakfast to start the day
A lovely lunch to wrap up our stay

Current Packages

  • Day Package: Rs. 650/- per person (includes access to all facilities, food charged extra)
  • Overnight Stay: Rs. 1800/- for veg & Rs. 2000/- for non-veg per head with stay
  • Group of up to 10 pax: Rs. 1600/- for veg & Rs. 1800/- for non-veg per head with stay
  • Group of 10+ pax: Rs. 1600/- for veg & non-veg per head with stay
  • No charges for children below 5 yrs.

Convenience of location as well as being pocket-friendly makes Mango Forest Resort a wonderful option for a day trip or a weekend stay option for friends and families. This one rates high on my recommendation list.

A gorgeous sunset on our way back


This review is a narrative of my experience at the property. The views expressed in this review are solely mine and others are more than welcome to agree or disagree with the same. The review is in no way influenced either personally or commercially nor has it been lifted, copied or plagiarized from any source however I have done my due diligence on the place via publicly available information on the internet.

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