Sassy Grilled

The sassiest place in Koregaon Park, The Sassy Spoon recently came up with a limited time special menu for the winters – offering some mouth-watering grills.

I had a chance to try this limited time menu and came away impressed by the quality of the dishes.


The Grilled Baby Corn could’ve been grilled a tad longer however the Chipotle sauce had a lovely spice hit to it. On the other hand, the Spicy Chicken Wings served with charcoal smoked herb baby potatoes was a perfect balance of the spicy and sweet BBQ sauce to the succulent wings.

Grilled Baby Corn [Rs. 295]
Spicy Chicken Wings [Rs. 395]

Hot Dogs & Burgers

The Cheese Chili Chicken Hot Dog was served with guacamole, sour cream, yellow cheddar and tortilla chips. The subtle heat hit of the chili was largely complemented by the generous toppings of guac and cheese. The tortilla chips provided a nice crunch. #DeliciousDelicious

Cheese Chili Chicken Hot Dog [Rs. 425]


Its been a while since I have had a John Dory anywhere, let alone a good one. So when I chanced upon the Dory here, I was immediately drawn towards it. The Grilled Jerk Spiced John Dory was served with potato wedges and coconut rice. The cook on the fish was on point, which is tough to attain as this is a rather difficult fish to cook perfectly and it went absolutely brilliantly well with the coconut rice. In fact, the rice was so good, we ended up ordering another portion of it. #InsanelyDelicious

Grilled Jerk Spiced John Dory [Rs. 895]

The BBQ Pork Chops served with roasted veggies and mashed potatoes were delicious to the bone, quite literally, however paled in comparison to the John Dory. Have them on separate occasions and you won’t be disappointed in the chops.

BBQ Pork Chops [Rs. 625]

The Sassy Spoon is certainly pushing the envelope when it comes to serving up delectable dishes using local or seasonal ingredients that work well together and the Sassy Grilled menu is a testament of the same.


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