The Mafia – A Toothless Gangster

A rooftop restaurant with an impressive ambiance and gorgeous views, The Mafia is a recent entrant on Pune’s culinary landscape.

Come up in place of the erstwhile Flying Saucer, The Mafia has retained their large inverted umbrellas and worked around it to create an absolutely magical place.

Signage at the entrance


We were served an array of multi-colored drinks across the flavor spectrum. Drinks included the Blue Sky, Citrus Cooler, Khatta Meetha Cooler, Pomegranate Monk, Watermelon Juice, and Floral Bliss. My pick was the Pomegranate Monk which not only looked pretty but also had a wonderful taste.

Mocktails all lined up
Pomegranate Monk


While the Veg. Crispy had a lovely crunch, the Chicken Crispy felt chewy and dry.

Veg. Crispy
Chicken Crispy

The Corn Cheese Balls had a decent taste but were a little doughy. Probably a couple of minutes more in the frying pan would’ve done the trick. The Fish Fingers had a good crunch to them, with the Basa inside still retaining its moisture.

Corn Cheese Balls
Fish Fingers

The Pasta Arrabbiata, unfortunately was over-blanched and overcooked and the sauce too felt a tad too tangy. The garlic bread was hard toasted which made it difficult to bite with the pasta.

Pasta Arrabbiata

On the other hand, the Chicken Banjara sported some good flavors.

Chicken Banjara


The Veg Khao Suey looked appetizing however the noodles felt a little undercooked.

Veg Khao Suey


While I try to avoid desserts due to high sugar content, the Ferrero Rocher Mousse Cake looked too good to pass. However my expectations came crashing down at the first bite itself. The mousse cake was too dense and the texture felt off.

Ferrero Rocher Mousse Cake

While the rooftop ambiance is a perfect spot for dinner dates and romantic evenings, the food and service needs to drastically improve to give a well-rounded experience to its patrons.


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